Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WI Weds

Weigh In this morning had me down 1.6 lbs. Total = 32.8. It has been interesting to me to see this slow and steady loss, as opposed to my previous pattern. Last time around I'd lose less than a pound for three weeks, and then in the fourth week I'd lose anywhere from 2-4 lbs. This time it has been a steady 1-1.8 loss every week, averaging about 7.5 lbs per month. This is slower than before, but I'm so very much happier. I'm approaching things very differently this time around and I think it changes things. It has changed me.



I guess that leaves me to add in my stats. Down 0.4. Not bad since I ate like a pig, and then some, all week. Okay, so let's use another analogy: I worked like a dog and maybe that helped make up for my eating indiscretions. Still less than half a pound isn't necessarily something to crow about, but given that I'm working on that same old last 15 pounds, I'll take it. So let's see, that's a grand total of 1.6 pounds in three weeks. The fat's just flying off! But the lifestyle changes are slowly taking hold. And if I could just give up most of the chocolate I constantly crave, life would be good (well, good in the sense of weight loss, not good in the sense of giving up something I love).



Laura Carson said...

.4 is a very respectable loss - particularly when you don't have massive amounts to lose. Good for you!

Julie Poudrier said...

Are we the only two reading our blog? lol!

Laura Carson said...

LOL! Not the ONLY ones. But we're not exactly setting the blog world on fire, either.

Julie Poudrier said...

Maybe we need to post nude photos at weigh-in. THAT would draw them in, lol!

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.