Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aqua Zumba!

Today I plan to forge a new frontier. Aqua Zumba! One of my favorite instructors is doing a class today, and I'm going. I'm really going to support Katie more than anything, but also because it sounds like fun. Well, maybe not so much the wearing a bathing suit part, but with the heat we've been having lately pool is sounding nice.

So there is that bathing suit thing. I haven't been out in public in a swimsuit in several years. Even first go-round with WW I didn't go out in a bathing suit, other than maybe once. Fortunately the pool will be closed to the public, so it'll only be me and the other Zumba peeps. The idea of being the only fat girl in a bathing suit is freaking me out, but by the same token I'm taking refuge in the fact that I am doing something about the fat girl part.

While I'm on the subject, lets talk about swimsuits. Around this time last year, I bought this suit from Lane Bryant:

(photo from

It is a Miraclesuit... supposed to make you look ten pounds thinner instantly.

Uh... hello??? When you weigh upwards of 200 lbs, ten pounds thinner isn't really all that noticeable. Seriously. What? It's going to tame one roll or something? One miniscule roll? None of my rolls are miniscule, but whatever.

I'm a couple of sizes smaller now than I was when I bought the suit, but surprisingly it still fits. The bust is a teenie bit loose, so I'll have to be careful of bobbing and weaving around in the pool. Wouldn't want the girlies floating away, now would we?

I'll be back with a report on how it goes today. Oh, and I'm going to a regular class in a little over an hour, so that'll be two Zumba classes today.

The video is from the site.


Laura Carson said...

Aqua Zumba was a hoot! It was fun, and definately nice on the joints. I didn't really feel like I was working all that hard, but then when I got home I was exhausted. Good stuff!

I figured out after I got home that the bathing suit had these little puffy blown up balloon thingies in the boobs. I kept feeling like the girlz were going to float away. I pulled them out after I got home.

Paula said...

LOL! Bobbing and weaving...

Laura Carson said...

There was definately bobbing and weaving. lol! More bobbing than anything. :)