Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yesterday I forgot to take my afternoon snack with me. Typically for an afternoon snack I choose a complex carb, and something with some protein. I'll often have a few multi-grain crackers with a couple of tablespoons of hummus. This usually takes the edge off enough to get me to dinner. But yesterday I forgot to bring crackers. So I settled for an orange.

Suffice it to say that the orange, by itself, just didn't quite do it for me. I got home and immediately started munching. A piece of chocolate. A handful of nuts. Then I changed plans for dinner from a chicken breast with veggies to pasta and smoked sausage. Dinner plans went from about 10 pts to about 15 pts.

Then... not to be outdone by myself... I topped it off with 2/3 of a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Yes, really.

Of course there are consequences. First is that tomorrow morning is weigh in, and I'll be up from where I would have been had I not done that.

The second consequence? Lactose intolerance. Full flare. I wasn't even sure I'd make it to work this morning. The whole thing was just unsatisfying. I'm irked that I didn't, at the very least, consider the lactose intolerance thing. I mean, aren't I supposed to be all about being healthy? It's not healthy to have faucet-ass because I snarfed almost a pint of ice cream. It's not like I didn't KNOW I'd be in serious gastronomic distress if I ate it.

{insert gigantic self-flagellating sigh here}

By the way, in case anyone was wondering, this indulging business only put me over by 1 point for the week. So that's not so much the issue, as much as it is the mindset with which I was operating. I know I should be cutting myself some slack here. In the big grand scheme of things it's only a minor blip. But, until my gut settles I'm sure I'll continue to really curse my own stupidity.

Oh, and the moral of the story is don't forget your crackers.


Jean said...

"It isn't healthy to have faucet-ass because I snarfed almost a pint of ice cream" - BWHAHAHAHAHA!
I think I shall write that out and post it on my freezer door!

I hope the gut settles down soon.

Laura Carson said...

I think I might need a gigantic blaring DO NOT ENTER sign on my freezer door. lol! The gut seems to be setting itself back to rights, finally.

Paula said...

I hear ya, sista. I totally hear ya.

Onward and upward! Or whatever, you know what I mean.

Laura Carson said...

Oh yes, I have paid and paid, and now time to move on. I'm over the self abuse, moving on to the next thing. :)

hornblower said...

Did you know some binger/purgers love having lactose intolerance b/e they figure most everything leaves before it's had time for the calories to be absorbed?

I have LI but I'm not a binger :-)

I'm mostly dairy free now but for the bit I do have, I can't do it without my lactase enzyme pills. You could keep a jar in the freezer with the ice cream....

Laura Carson said...

@hornblower, I can see that. I wouldn't have ever thought of it though, lol! Not sure it would be worth the suffering, though, but then I have a low threshold for that particular type of suffering. :)

Unfortunately the enzyme pills only help me about 70% of the time. Sometimes I have a breakthrough no matter what. These days, other than the occasional B & J, I pretty much stay away from all dairy. But I need to get a new box of tablets, though, to help me with my occasional B&J habit. :) Great idea on the freezer!