Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

Ok, so maybe I'm not changing gears. I'm going to rook my partners in crime back to the blog, instead. So lets start with today's weigh-in. If you haven't been weighing, now is the time to start. If you're anti-scale, now is the time to have SOME sort of method by which you track your progress. So. Let's have it.

I weighed in this morning, and was surprised to see a 1.2 lb loss. I'd been hanging right at the status quo all week, so I was pretty pleasantly surprised. That makes a total of 31.2. I found what will become my new "before" picture, and some time this week I'll post a "before" and a "30 lbs lost" picture. Now I just have to find someone to take the current picture for me. Hm.

So. Weigh in time. Or measure time. Or jeans are looser time. Or I'm just starting out today time. Whatever it is, lets do it! You don't even have to be one of the 3 Fat Girlz. I'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to either edit and add (if you're a contributor) or post to comments. By the way, I don't urge you because I'm nosey (which I am) but because I want to cheer you on, and learn from you!



Surprise! Okay, so I didn't get Laura's hint at first when she said the weigh-in post was up. I lamely wrote her back to say I was planning to put a post up later this week. Then I realized that she meant that I should post a weigh-in. Is she MAD????

Okay, truth is, I've been MIA for a long time, but I did finally spend an hour or so fighting with Blogger to recognize me (since I moved and my e-mail changed) so I could start posting again.

What? I'm NOT stalling! Honest. Okay, so it turns out that I did weigh myself a couple of weeks ago. Took me a while to find where I had written it down. And since I had to get up from my desk anyway, I decided to go climb on the scale just now. So this is not a first-thing-in-the-morning weigh-in, but then again, I've been such a backslider, it probably doesn't really matter.

That said, if my scale is accurate, I am down 1.2 pounds from the last time I stepped on two weeks ago. Not a huge change, but since I've not been doing anything in particular to try to lose, any little loss is a victory.

And since I've been on hiatus for so long, I'll just say that my approach now will be the same as it was in the past. My life circumstances are such that there is no extra money for organized exercise plans or anything similar, so for me it will be the bike and possibly taking up jogging again (ugh!). I am still trying to do the eat healthier by eating fewer processed foods thing. I have a big garden this year and hope it produces a lot that I can freeze for eating during the winter. I will add in lamb, and I have a neighbor who has promised me venison. Maybe I'll even learn to butcher my chickens. So for me the journey will be about doing things as simply as possible, just to prove to myself that I can do it--and of course there's the up side to eating less processed more natural foods: better health at any weight!

So later this week, I will post about what I bought on my most recent excursion to the farmer's market and what I've done with it so far. I also plan to post about our exercise motivator for the summer, which is to participate in the Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk on September 17th, in memory of Joan Stout Knight, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer early this year. So stay tuned; we are resurrected!

P.S. to Laura: In honor of a new start, I applied a different template to the blog to change the look slightly. Feel free to go make more changes--I just thought a slightly updated look might be fun!



Laura Carson said...

LOL! Next time I'll just say it straight out. Hey, dude, go post. hah! I like the new template - fresh and cute. Thanks! And... congrats on a loss! I've always appreciated your practical approach to things, and every now and then some of it even rubs off on me.

Paula said...

Yay! Great job, ladies. Nice to have you both "here". :)

Laura Carson said...

Thanks, Paula! Nice to have you here too. :)