Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I think that quite possibly my thoughts have been invaded by Aliens. Admittedly I did leave the house today without my tinfoil underwear, so it's really all my fault. I left myself wide open for suggestions from the great beyond.

I'm having a ridiculously stressful day. I can actually FEEL that my blood pressure is up there. WAY up there. Up in a place that it ought not be. I tried deep breathing, but almost passed out. I went and hid in the bathroom here at work for a few minutes, and it marginally helped. I texted Sandy, who always makes me giggle, and I do think the BP decreased a tiny bit.

I finally got a moment to run out and get some lunch. I went to the Wendy's to get their new Berry Almond Chicken Salad (it rocks, by the way) which is the salad I got last week. Hold the cheese. They held the cheese. I went to a different Wendy's, and the hussy at the speaker said they're premade and she cannot take the cheese off.

I said "Never mind" and went screeching out of the parking lot. No, not really. I don't think the dog-mobile could catch a wheel unless it was some sort of a dying gasp glitch. But I did drive off with authority to find something else.

As I was wandering around a different shopping center I saw that I was driving past a Ben and Jerry's. We already know I have a weakness for the B&J. I then had this thought. I thought, "I could just go get some ice cream. Then I could go over to Jersey Mike's and get a big old sub and stuff myself. I sure do deserve it after all of the suffering I've done today."

Now here's the part where Aliens took over. Ready for this? My next thoughts were, "Now that would be stupid. I don't really even want this stuff. It's not like I'm even having a craving. All I really want is to get some relief from this stress, and I know that eating all of that food is just going to PISS ME OFF... thus adding to the stress. Never mind the guilt, and then there's weigh in tomorrow to consider. I think probably all I really want to do is stuff my face and then be able to justify it tomorrow on my blog. I don't think it's worth it, not for the repercussions."

I drove on past the B&J and picked up a grilled chicken salad for lunch. I cannot guarantee that I'll make it through the rest of the day on track, but I think at least one crisis has been averted. My blood pressure isn't any better or any worse, really, but I'm happy with the not worse thing. I'm also patting myself on the back for having an adult conversation with myself - in my head, which looks infinitely less crazy to anyone watching me.


Paula said...

Wow, great job, Laura, talking yourself down from the ledge like that. Emotional eating (happy, sad, angry, you name it) is big with me, too, and you kicked it's ass this go 'round. Proud of you!

PS. The tinfoil goes on your HEAD, silly.

Laura Carson said...

Thanks, P! I was (quite pleasantly) suprised to be able to reason my way through it. Reasoning through emotional eating has not been one of my strong suits. But I'm trying to pay more attention to getting to the heart of this, as opposed to just powering my way through it while not attending to the underlying aspects.

Whew, wasn't that a mouthful.

It goes on my HEAD?!!?! No wonder they're invading my mind.