Monday, February 22, 2010

What's for Dinner?

I'm bored. Being unemployed sucks, I'm out of Netflix DVDs, it's raining again, and I'm wholly uninspired foodwise today. I absolutely loved the chicken noodle soup (uh, to the tune of eating it for lunch and dinner for two days straight), but a girl cannot live on CNS alone. I need to do something for dinner, and I can't seem to come up with anything fun or different. I'll probably trek over to the grocery store today, so I'm open for suggestions.

As a side note - I ate a couple of truffles (homemade by the groom's father) at the baby shower I attended on Saturday. Now all I can think of is chocolate. I'm telling you, it is the ONLY thing I want. For reals. Get in my belly.

So. What's for dinner? I don't care what it is - comment, or ETA, but puhhhhlease give Laura some ideas.

ETA: #3 here --
I'm thinking quesadillas at my house but it depends on whether or not i get to FINALLY go get my new dog picked up.

I'm feeling a little discouraged at WW right now but staying the course. The weight pattern is just so different this time around. I much preferred the constant small loss over this constant creep up with a big drop every once in a while. I worked my behind off all weekend but am up almost 2 pounds today anyway, sheesh. I expected to be up yesterday, after splurging on points some saturday, but not today.

ETA: FG#2 here: Since Robin mentioned quesadillas, I won't be able to get them off my mind now. Come to think of it, I think I have a couple of chicken-black bean quesadillas in the freezer. Laura, that's a good recipe out of that WW magazine, so you might want to try it. My favorite so far is the chicken sausage apple recipe, but it is a little pricier. I could eat it practically every day! Of course if you decide to get truly wild, there's always LaBamba, and I could have my arm twisted, lol!

And Robin, I hear you on the loss thing. For the first time ever when doing weight loss, I'm weighing every day and I can see why it's not recommended. For example, I would love for this morning to have been weigh-in day. I really fluctuate A LOT from day to day and since this morning was a "down" morning, it's entirely possible that weigh in won't be so great. Over the past week the difference between high and low weights has been two pounds, with the highest day being the day after weigh in and the lowest a couple of days ago. And actually the scale registered a pound difference between yesterday and today. That could just drive a person crazy! And unfortunately I don't think you can ever rely on splurge one day = gain the very next day. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to catch up.

Today I'm struggling with wanting to put anything and everything in my mouth. I'm sure it's the combination of crappy weather and the depressing situation of being without a job, like, forever. On the sunny days at least I seem to be more willing to get up and move and food doesn't take center stage--at least not as much!

Heck, what's for lunch?


Robin French said...
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Laura Carson said...

Mmmmm, quesadillas sounds FABULOUS!!! I do believe I'm inspired. This will, of course, involve making good on my determination to go to the grocery store, but I need to get out anyway.

I'll have to look at that recipe Julie - that sounds yum! Maybe I'll see if FL has their chicken/apple sausages on sale as I have a big bag of apples here, too.

Laura Carson said...

I'm inclined to agree that sometimes it takes a day or two to catch up on these things. I'm also inclined to think that usually these types of fluctuations are water weight for the most part.

Thoughts for FG#3 - if you're losing differently this time are you *doing* things differently? Can you live with your different weight of loss, and do you prefer the methods you're using this time?

Thoughts for FG#2 - I think definately these days of being cooped up encourage us to think of nothing but food. I know I'm right there with you!

Robin French said...

I think i'm okay with how things are going. I know this way of eating is a little more likely to be a permanent way, as opposed to the last time i was on WW and using all those 100-calorie thises and thats. I suspect salt is what's getting me at the moment. I'll be glad when it's spring finally. 3 days working outside this weekend was good for me if nothing else.

Michelle said...

Don't know if you all have a Trader Joe's but I have been finding some wonderful things there. They have a frozen, salmon roulette with a spicy, spinach filling that is only 3 points.

Today for lunch I have a Morningstar black bean burger (1) on a deli flat (1) w/ salsa and 1/4 avocado (2). Also having a HUGE serving of steamed broccoli with this. Love the black bean burgers!

Julie Poudrier said...

That sounds yummy!

Laura Carson said...

oh YUM! That sounds tasty Michelle! There is a TJs in Raleigh or Cary, but not one near here, unfortunately. :(

I just remembered that Mom sent over some frozen peeled and deveined ready to cook shrimp. Maybe I'll toss that in a pan with some pasta, garlic, and tomatoes for tonight.

Maybe tomorrow will be quesadillas. I've been watching the Food Network today. Bad idea.