Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's That Time Again

Since I was accused of shirking last week for being MIA, I'll start us off on this weigh-in day. The news for me is not great but could be worse, so I'm okay with it.

I am down one 1.2 pounds from last week, but if you remember, I actually gained 1.6 at the last weigh in, so although I lost, I'm still at a net gain over the two weeks of 0.4 pounds. That means I'm still down 4.8 pounds overall, but clearly I need to up the ante, and for me that pretty much means upping the exercise. I guess being unemployed has really affected my motivation in other areas, including exercise. I hereby resolve to truly start remedying that this week.

FGs #1 & 3?
FG3 here - down 3.4 pounds, so total loss now is 4.9 pounds. About time the scale did some moving. I'd like to see faster loss than i am, but i guess i'm the tortoise this time around. And after 2 weeks of gaining, i'm glad to finally see the drop.


FG#1 - down 3.2 lbs, down a total of 15.6. Yikes! I came down with the stomach flu this past weekend, and am still trying to get back to normal, so this is NOT a normal weigh in. I would have expected to have mostly maintained, or maybe lost .4 or something. But... enter the plucus plucus. That danged relapse of the papsi louse will get you every time. Still, I expect to probably have a gain next week to make up for it. I've not tracked in three days, but then I've not eaten enough to bother tracking! Here's to a much better week coming up!


Michelle said...

You are all doing so well!!!! I NEVER have losses that big! This week was .8 which is right about average for me. The blizzard was really challenging. My activity was down, eating up and tracking - zero. Been to the gym everyday since Saturday and I'm feeling much better. Now whether the dogs will get worked again, that's something I'm not sure of. I'm signed up for two clinics in April and I hope the snow is clear by then.

Laura Carson said...

Hi Michelle! I've always had big losses, which tells me that maintaining should really not be terribly hard for me. Theoretically!

Congrats on a .8 loss - that's AWESOME!!! This crappy weather is biting all of us in the behind I think, so if we all just keep doing what we're doing it'll turn out OK!