Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Trials and Tribulations

FG#1 checking in. I lost .8 this week, which truly shocked me. Total now is 16.4 lbs down. I lost 3.2 last week with that stomach virus, and fully expected a gain this week. When I weighed last week I'd not eaten in three days (three!) so I fully expected to put some of that back on. To my surprise I not only didn't put it back on but lost past that. I was on the phone with Julie a little while ago and she commented that I ought to not complain about a loss. While that's true to a degree, there is a danger in losing too quickly.

Last time around I had to eat approx. 48 dailies to maintain my goal weight. Yes, 48. Plus flexies. Plus APs. I'm almost loathe to even mention that, because if you do the math you'll realize I have to consume a HUGE quantity of BAD stuff on a regular basis to gain. Right? Well, there it is the truth in all of its ugliness. I suspect that after I turn 35 I can kiss some of that metabolism goodbye, so I'm prepared for that. I've only got five months before D-Day then, so I'd better get as much good mileage out of this metabolism as I can, right? So I'm rolling this around and I think I'll drop into the next lb bracket next week. I think I'm going to just not adjust my daily pts target to try to counteract this fast loss thing. Wouldn't it rock if I could get to goal without losing any more pts along the way? I think so.

FG#2 and FG#3 are away from their computers for a while today, so we're all just waiting patiently. :)

FG#2 here, finally back from my marathon trip to Cary! I lost just 0.6 pounds this week, but that finally puts me having lost all that I gained a couple of weeks ago, plus a fraction, so still headed in the right direction. My total loss so far is 5.4 pounds. I'm happy with that. I'm actually just 11.6 pounds from my original WW goal. I might want to try to go 5 pounds further than that, but it really depends on how difficult it is to get to the first goal. Once there, I'll worry about whether I want to go further.

I am pleased that I am able to do this with a more free-form means of eating (meaning not keeping close track of points but just trying to be aware of what I'm putting in my mouth--and how much). I've been experimenting some with how much I can eat and still lose. I've found that I can have little splurges and it won't cost me a whole lot weightwise, and then I'm not feeling deprived either. For my lifestyle and the way my brain works, I think doing it this way will result in a much better long-lasting lifestyle change. Now please don't make me eat my words!

FG3, up about a pound and half for no good reason. I was actually down 1.5 pounds earlier in the week. I think a salty weekend is making me pay for the moment (even though i got tons of APs over the weekend) and expect to be down again pretty soon. I hit my lowest weight since we started blogging during the week, so that's good. It's always easier to get back once you break the ice, sort of.

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