Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Weigh, or not to Weigh...

Not a bad week for this FG#1, all things considered. So anyway, I lost 2.4 this week, totalling me up to 12.4. We've now been on plan just a day or two shy of a month, and I feel like I'm cranking right along. I feel strong and steady, but I feel like I'm probably losing too fast. However, this week not only did I eat all of my flexies and all of my AP's, but I went over by something like 22 pts for the week. I may bump it up a hair more next week, but I'm assuming most of this consistent dropping has to do with stress. Well, that and the fact that I'm actually sleeping at night.

I just edited because I was going to give FG#2 and #3 a get out of jail free card, but changed my mind. I hope you two will do this for me too - part of accountability is being accountable whether you're losing OR gaining.

SO, FG #2 and FG# 3???
Fine, be that way! FG#3 here, up 1.5 pounds for the week, so still only down 2.5 pounds since we started. Considering i was on the road and eating at restaurants for 3 days, that's not too bad really. I had a little sweet stuff that i probably shouldn't have but meals weren't that bad. I've been having some trouble tweaking the plan. I started out good but even though i stayed firmly on plan, gained a little the second and third week. FG2 suggested i eat more, that i should be using all of my APs and flexpoints. I doubt she meant to go over as much as i did this past weekend though! So, back on plan, tracking everything and we'll see. I still think things will improve once the weather does and i can get out more.

FG#2 here. Sorry to be MIA today, but was making the rounds of a couple of vets and was gone all day.

FGs 1 & 3 already know this, but I gained 1.5 pounds last week. I knew it was coming because I just wouldn't stop putting food in my face. I don't have guilt feelings or anything because as I said, I knew what I was doing and what the consequences would be (you know, bad weather, bake a batch of cookies, but don't eat them all you fool!). So I guess I had my wild week, and now have to rein myself back in. As FG#3 noted, this would be much easier to do if the weather would cooperate, but honestly I know I tend to stuff myself when I'm sitting around in bad weather and instead of doing that very thing, I should have made better choices, but chose not to, and so the scale tells the tale.

Here's hoping for better control this week and a loss at next weigh in.


Laura Carson said...

I feel reasonably certain that there will be a day soon when you two will be kicking my proverbial behind to weigh in whether I want to or not. :) Sounds to me like you're just working it out - and you'll have it figured out I think. I'm pretty certain that if we can uh... not have snow and rain life will be a whole lot easier!

PS - I agree totally with FG#2's assertion on eating all of your points. ;)

Michelle said...

I have to strongly agree w/FG2 and 3 that it is SOOOOOoooo hard to stay on plan when your schedule is messed up. This weather has thrown my diet and working out schedule for a loop. I was supposed to go to WW tonight but it was cancelled. I'm really hoping all this shoveling will pay off. I've been so sore.

Last summer when I was going away every weekend either trialing or clinic-ing it was a huge challenge. Some weeks were up and some were down but never by much on either end. Slow and steady I guess.

I also concur about eating all the flexies and AP. When I am working out 4-5 days a week, I will not lose if I don't eat those extra points. Albeit, it has to be sensible points - more protein, fruit etc. But I usually see a good loss those weeks that I've had a little extra.

Sorry to bogart your blog, but I really look forward to everyone's updates.

Laura Carson said...

No, you're not hijacking at all - I think we all learn from each other. :) Thank you for being so open. I'm *really* struggling with a giant disruption in my schedule - and the fact that I didn't go nuts last week was a surprise actually. :(

Paula said...

Hang in there girls!

Laura, I know you're concerned about losing too fast, but I will say congrats anyway! I think you're doing great, considering all that's going on. I think I remember when you were losing last time, that you were a "fast loser" (lol), so maybe that's just how you are?

Anyway, I'm struggling myself, so no advice for anyone. Just one day at a time and all that blah, blah.