Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Double Yum

Channing Tatum. Yum. DOUBLE Yum. Double Yum Gum. Today I went with Harriet* to see Channing Tatum's new movie - "Dear John". The movie rocked. OK, who am I kidding - the opportunity to see him with no shirt on is excuse enough. The movie doesn't even have to rock. That's how pathetic I am. For Reals. Give me rock hard abs and no shirt and next thing I know I'm elbow deep in movie theater popcorn.

What does this have to do with being a Fat Girlz? Uh... well... the lust overcame me and I bolted down a candy bar (OK, more than one) along with the kid's size popcorn with butter (OK, synthetic God only knows what that tastes like butter). Oh yeah, and it gets better!

I followed that feeding frenzy up with a piece of chicken pie from the Church dinner, and washed all of that down with a brownie. And a piece of lemon pound cake. Did I mention feeding frenzy? Besides... it was a small piece of pound cake. Does that count for slightly less damage? I think so.

However, true to myself and accountability/mindfulness I came home accounted for every bite I took. Dang. Buh-bye flexies. I have four left, plus 10 APs that have to get me through to next Tuesday. I guess I'd best get off of my behind and work up some extra APs.

Darn you Channing Tatum. Why do you have to be so hot? I'll bet you didn't get abs like that by having feeding frenzies. 'sallright though. You can just keep being hot. I can take the heat... if I have popcorn to wash it down with.

* name changed to protect the innocent

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Robin French said...

Oh i hate you. I was in the store yesterday and spied a candy bar and just looked at it wistfully and walked away....sigh, i don't even remember the last candy bar i ate, it must have years ago by now!

Paula said...

Uh, wow. I've never even heard of the dude. But, uh, wow.

Yay for accountability and no guilt!

Julie Poudrier said...

I'd be into my points three weeks from now if I had eaten all that!

But it works out well for me, you see, because now Laura will be looking for activity points, and I have sheep whose feet need trimming! ;-)

Laura Carson said...

Paula - he's also in "Step Up" and briefly in the second one (I think it was Step Up to the Streets, but not sure). Def. worth looking at. The guy can actually dance, too. ;)

And yes, I am now pimping for APs. LOL!