Monday, January 11, 2010

Standing on the Edge, and Some Cons to Being a Fat Girl

So I'm standing on the edge of the cliff - waiting to jump off tomorrow. Yikes. Had I not run my yak on this blog about tomorrow being my first weigh-in I probably would have already pushed it back a week or two... just as I've been doing for the last year. I gots all kinds of excuses... my life is too stressful, I'm just not ready, I need this fat to insulate me from the cold (isn't that what leg hair is for?), eating healthy isn't cheap and I has no moneys, blah blah blah and so on.

Yeah, it's true that I'm undertaking this on one income vs. two. Yeah, I'm under some stress, and sure I'm not as cold this winter. But in some respects I'm just as cold - because now I cannot fit the mutinous booty into the overalls. So. I suppose that's one con to being overweight.

I'm a list maker. I like to make lists... shopping lists, packing lists, book lists, all kinds of lists. It seems fair that a list for cons to being a fat girl would be a good list to make. So here's my list while I am standing on the edge of doing something about it:

Some Cons to Being a Fat Girl:

-feet hurt
-knees pop
-body aches when I wake in the morning
-mutinous booty eeks into other seats
-mutinous booty makes me not fit so well in the CrazyMobile
-cannot wear my overalls, and cannot zip my coat - thus negating the insulation argument
-blood pressure has GOT to be up
-feel bad about my body, and to a degree about myself in general
-don't want to even look in the mirror
-feel bloated
-it is harder for a fat girl to get a job (yeah, I know it shouldn't be but IS)
-if I had to run up a field I couldn't
-the bladder doesn't *quite* seal as it ought to
-tire easier
-people look at me strangely when I order dessert at a restaurant
-dude in the drive thru at Wendy's gives me the hairy eyeball when I order a diet coke to go with my Baconator (double)
-cannot sit on my balance ball without bursting it
-cannot lay on my back on the hard floor because the booty tips me over
-steps are hard to manage
-boy short panties look stupid on a fat girl (why oh why do they even sell them?)
-just a few changes would make a HUGE difference in my overall health

That's not an exhaustive list - far from it. But sometimes I need to remind myself why doing something to positively impact my health and well-being outweighs (ha ha ha) the lure of bacon cheese fries.

So tomorrow morning is weigh-in #1. I already have a good idea of what the scale will say, but having it official is part of the process. I think stopping stepping on the scale is one of the predominant factors in starting this slippery slide. So here I am, standing on the edge. It's a long drop I think but I have to do it.


Julie Poudrier said...

"cannot sit on my balance ball without bursting it"

THAT made me laugh out loud!

Robin French said...

the bladder one got me to ROTFL! Okay girls, tomorrow is day 1, right?

Laura Carson said...

Yessirreeebob - tomorrow is day 1. I wish it weren't so in some ways, but in others I'm really looking forward to feeling better!

Jean said...

I'm with you, girlz. I have been avoiding my scale, but tomorrow I shall suck it up (or suck it in) and step on it - naked, after peeing and before having my coffee, of course!! LOL

Laura, thank you for the list. Ohhhhh yes, I can identify with all of those cons. And I do believe I just burned off a few calories laughing - of course, fat girlz laughing means pee'd pants. Drat!

Paula said...

Today's the day, you go, Girlz! Good luck to all of you, you're gonna rock it.

Laura Carson said...

Jean, LOL! You crack me up. So, did you do it??? I did. Yikes.

Thanks Paula - we appreciate the support (as always).

BCxFour said...

Thank you thank you thank you for starting this blog...I have been struggling with the fat I haul around too. Like a bad visiting inlaw - it hangs around. Dammit, it just wont leave! Sometimes I wonder if I am more comfortable this way/safer - then I read your list - and nod my head. *sigh* Why couldn't I have been born a tall thin blonde?

Laura Carson said...

Glad you found it! I can so totally identify with the safer/comfortable thing. Definately it is the bad inlaw, and it comes with unwelcome friends too. ;) It's like a party in there and they just don't want to go home. *sigh* I feel you. I really do!