Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ode to My Love

Reprinted by permission of the author at (photo removed)

Ode to My Love (aka Ode to Bacon Cheese Fries)

O' my dearest love, how I've treasured thee in such sweet moments of gluttony
Thou hast given me great delight in thy goldeny goodness
The crisp, the salt, oh the gooey potatoey delight shall forever be with me
When we shall again meet I do not know
All I know is that in this parting sorrow I have truly loved thee with unwavering depths
Goodbye for now, my greatest love, as tonight will be our last commune for a while
My dreams will forever be filled with your crunchiness
My thighs will forever carry the marks of my devotion
I am bereft at our parting, but I know that we shall be together again
I cannot long be without you, but for now I must
My buttocks depend on it


Editors Note:

Here is the nutritional value on a regular plate of bacon cheese fries from the Outback Steakhouse, retrieved from . We typically, and by we I mean Julie and I (aka FG#2 and FG#1), go to Ham's Restaurants for our BCFs. However, I would think this nutritional data would be in the ballpark. I am fortunately able to lose weight while eating BCFs once a month. Once a week? Not so much.

Total Meal - Aussie Cheese Fries - Regular
Serves 6

Calories per serving: 327.9 For the whole thing? 1967.5

Fat per serving: 24.0 For the whole thing? 144.2

Fiber per serving: 2.2 g For the whole thing? 13.1

Never mind the sodium and the rest. How does this work out for WW points? Per serving 8. Per the total plate? 51 pts. I usually figure it based on 2/3 of the plate, which is what I typically consume, so I normally put in about 35 pts when I track them.

I figure once I have a good 3-4 weeks on track under my belt it will be time for a monthly BCF excursion. Not until then though - I have to get a good bit of self-control under my belt and build up some activity points. So, for the next 3-4 weeks it's"So long my love".


Robin French said...

Seriously, only 51 points per plate? That seems low to me. I'm thinking more like 551. ;-) BCFs are evil though and easily resisted by FG#3!

How'd you do yesterday? I'm off to a good start.

Paula said...

Is it wrong that every time I visit the blog and read "Picking our noses", I want to giggle? Yeah, yeah, I know there's more to it, but still...I'm immature.

You're making me hungry for BCFs now. I still think you gals should try to build your own healthier version at home. Might not be quite as yummy, but might calm the beast inside?

ETA: OMG! The word verification is "pudgert". That's so wrong.

Jean said...

I am obviously living in the wrong country. I had never heard of Bacon Cheese Fries until reading your blog - I don't think they are available up here. But I LOVE bacon, and I LOVE cheese and I LOVE fries.......I'll be right over!!!!

Okay, I shall just obsess over the idea of Bacon Cheese Fries all day and remind myself that I, too, am a Fat Girlz and must stick to my resolve to drop some pounds.

But thinking about Bacon Cheese Fries doesn't make it any easier! Waaaaah!

Julie Poudrier said...

Yep, we could learn something from FG#3 when it comes to BCFs!

Paula, you make me laugh. I'm a writer and came up with that subhead and it *never* crossed my mind. I may have to do some rethinking. I think originally I was going to say "walking away" but the picture lent itself to "picking our noses..." Still laughing.

Robin French said...

I actually thought the same thing paula! Julie - maybe "pulling our noses" ?

Julie Poudrier said...

Y'all are *killing* me!

Julie Poudrier said...

There, no body parts mentioned, but the message is still the same.

Julie Poudrier said...

I didn't like that one either, so body part back in. Let me know what you think now!

Robin French said...

I miss picking our noses.... LOL!

Laura Carson said...

Yeah, I sort of liked picking our noses. LOL! You guys are cracking me up.

Jean - it's best to just not think about it. Trust me.

Paula, you're a riot. I agree, though, that we might just be able to make our own much healthier version. Hm, I might have to work on this!