Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If It's Tuesday...

...it must be weigh-in day. So ladies, how did we do this week?

Me, FG#2: Down an additional 3 pounds, for a total of 4.6 pounds. I still haven't managed to get a tape to do measurements, so I have no idea where I stand there, but nearly 5 pounds has made a difference in what I see in the mirror!

I'll admit that sometimes I think I'm overly hungry, but I've found that if I eat a healthy snack and then am still hungry, it's okay to eat a little something more. I've also come to realize that when I try to lose weight, aside from the sensible things like cutting out most sweets, I often don't get enough protein, which is why the hunger kicks in. So I've been working on really listening to my body and making smart choices about what to do about those signals.

One thing that has helped me is a book by Michael Pollan (he of The Omnivore's Dilemma fame) called Food Rules. A friend heard Pollan on "Good Morning America" and told me about it, and so I ordered. I ordered copies for FGs #1 & 3 as well. It's common sense, but having the wisdom distilled into simple rules right in front of me has been a tremendous help for my food eating decisionmaking. I will write a complete blog entry about the book in the next day or so.

So that's where I am. What about you, FG #1 and FG #3?
#3 here. You beat me to it, i had my post all formulated in my head! :-) Somehow i managed to go up .3 pounds even with sticking to the plan very well and not even using my flex points. But, i did lose half an inch in my waist, so good news there. I'm not too concerned really. I had a pretty big loss that first week so didn't expect much movement this week. A third of a pound could even be from moving my scale. Or perhaps it's a reflection of the restaurant meal i had sunday afternoon. So, i'll stick with my plan and see how it looks next week. I feel good and my clothes are feeling more comfortable so i may even have a "whoosh" day tomorrow with a nice drop.

The book sounds really interesting, thanks! On a motivational note, i was thinking about the challenges life has been throwing our ways, and how easy it would be to take comfort in food. But challenges are really just life and we can't always control the good and the bad. But we CAN control what we eat! Love you guys, be strong!!


FG#1 here. I'm down another 2.4 pounds, for a total of 7. I had 32 APs this week, and I ate them all (which is my usual MO) - plus all 35 of my flexies (also my usual MO). I'm feeling rather like one of the few things within my control at the moment IS what I eat. I'll admit to feeling a bit like the heck with it briefly yesterday, but I came to the conclusion that all that would come from that is feeling even worse than I already do. It's just not worth it. So I'm grateful to have two very solid weeks under my belt. I need to measure my waist, but my britches (I love that word... britches) are much looser. I think I'll even be back into a regular size 14 in the next week or two.

Love you girlz too. I'd probably even give real life hugs this week, followed by snivelling on your shoulders and blowing snot bubbles (yes, really). Challenges. We've gotz them. But we're much bigger than the challenges in our lives. Remind me of that in a few days.


Julie Poudrier said...

Hey Robin,
I don't think 3/10s of a pound is anything to worry about for sure, especially if the inches are still coming off. And you make a great point--with all the stress we're under, we could just say "What the hell" and stuff ourselves with comfort food (and sometimes it *is* tempting), but we're sticking with the good fight instead!

(ETA: the word verification is "dermsag." Why does that make me think someone's making a value judgement about aging? ;-) )

Robin French said...

Dermsag, love it! BTW, if there's real life snivelling and snotting.... yay blogging. LOL!

Michelle said...

You girls ROCK! I'm really looking forward to more information on the book - sounds interesting.

And to FG#3 (I'm not sure who's who) , I would not stress one bit about .3. In my year long journey on this ride, I've fluctuated quite a bit. You are so right on about not putting all your faith in the scale, but in how you feel. I wish I could do that more.

I found that if I keep my activity up, I actually lose more if I eat my activity points. (Gotta be sensible choices - more sliced turkey, more yogurt, etc).

After tonight's weigh in I'm down 1.2# for the week. That's above average for me. My average is .9 over the last year. Got some new workout clothes as a reward!

Good luck this week. You are all very motivating!

Paula said...

Great job, ladies! Keep up the good work. :)