Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday - Weigh In - anyone want to jump in??

Weigh in again. Just opening the floor for any other fatgirlz who'd like to post. :)

I lost another 1.2 this week, making that 14.6 total. I am still up about 1.5 lbs from before the weekend, but I suspect I'll unload the rest of that water weight today.

Unfortunately for me I unloaded a bunch of the water weight in the middle of the night, involving a multitude of potty trips during the night. Feeling a bit bedraggled this morning. But I'm happy with my progress. There is a cut off, so to speak, where I'm happy with myself at any weight below that. I'm 20.4 lbs away. That's my first BIG goal. Other than 10%, obviously, and I'm close to it too.

Happy somewhat rainy Tuesday!

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