Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Triple Threat Tuesday

Alliterate much? Hah! I weighed in this morning to find a 3.0 lb loss this week (triple threat... 3.0 lbs... get it?). Actually, it was more like a 3 lb loss last week, but I was holding on to pizza induced water weight. Either way, though, these things usually sort themselves out. So that puts me at 17.6 lbs lost.

I feel so much better. I'm sleeping better, my pieces parts ache less, and I have a lot more energy. Emotionally I feel better, even in the midst of trying times at work. I feel like this is a gift for myself.

I'm totally having a ball doing Zumba, and if I keep enjoying it I'm tossing around the idea of following in my little sister's footsteps and going for my instructor certification. But that's a ways off. I'll probably need another 17 or so pounds gone before my body will be in good enough shape to stand up to the rigors of being an instructor.... or even stand up to the rigors of the instructor class.

I have, however, figured out that for some reason steps just wreck my knees. I can Zumba, I can walk, I can hike... but take the stairs and I'm in pain. For now I'm going to continue to give the stairs a rest.

Until next time.... rock on!


Paula said...

Another awesome week! Rock on, girl.

Jean said...

Way to go, Laura. The best I can say for myself is that I haven't gained any weight this week. I suppose that is somewhat positive.

However, my sister is arriving today for a week, and her eating habits are even worse than mine, plus she tends to bring lots of tempting, unhealthy stuff into the house. I think I won't weigh myself until at least a week after she leaves!

Robin French said...

Hmm, let's see, who predicted you'd be teaching the class in a matter of no time....?!

Laura Carson said...

Thanks, Paula and Jean!

@Jean - who knows... maybe you can be the healthy influencer this time. :) Maintaining always trumps gaining, so pat yourself on the back!

@ Robin... that would be you. ;)