Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rolling Along

This week's WI has me down 1.4 lbs. That makes a total loss of 19 lbs so far, and I'm 5 lbs away from 10%.

I managed to get myself to Zumba 3 times last week. I was afraid that by the third class I'd be all ricketty, but in actuality I felt pretty darned good. I'm going to try to try different classes and find the ones that I like best to go to. I'm somewhat limited by the fact that I can't make a class before 6.30, but I'm managing.

It is interesting to me (though probably not terribly surprising to my friends) that I am finding that I tend to have relatively strong preferences about Zumba so far. I find that I prefer classes that focus more on the latin style moves, and less on the hip hop stuff. Don't get me wrong, I loves me some hip hop, but really prefer some salsa in my step. I like clear and sharp choreography, and rather dislike wandering around up there.

It almost makes me wish I had a man around to take some ballroom dancing lessons with. You know, a man to dance with, not a man to date. It would strictly be a using him for my own purposes sort of arrangement (dancing, of course).

Anyway. I'm gearing up for the spring and summer - I just cut open my first cantaloupe last night. Yum! Every time I eat cantaloupe it reminds me of my Papaw. When I was a kid he and I would sit up there at his bar, and between the two of us we could wipe out an entire cantaloupe. I probably still could. Particularly when they're teenie tiny (grumble grumble) like the one last night. Anyway, for dinner last night I had:

Citrus Marinated Lamb Chops
Brown and Wild Rice blend
two dove miniatures

I was going to have a spinach salad too, but had already had quite a hefty salad at lunch, and there is such a thing as too much roughage, IMO.

I am reminded that it's been a long time since I've posted a recipe. Hm. I may do that this week. Until then, my one major goal for this week is to keep moving!


Robin French said...

WTG you!

Laura Carson said...

Thanks! I'm happy with the progress so far, and more importantly happy with how much better I'm starting to feel.

Paula said...

You are awesome. That is all.