Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steady as She Goes

Well, I'm down 1.6 this week, for a total of 13.2 pounds lost. I really expected a very small loss, maintain, or slight gain this week after the whopper loss last week. However, this was a very respectable loss, and I'm OK with it. I spent this past weekend at a friend's house, and wasn't overly obsessed with what I ate - but I did, however, keep an eye on myself and tried to be relatively mindful in general. It was easy, too, because she had lots of great healthy choices for us to eat! I have had a small victory this week. Last weekend we went to a lovely little french bakery in downtown Charlotte. I was *starving* while we were in there, but fortunately we took our goods to go. Yesterday I looked in my box and I had two items left. I got out a knife, and cut about 1/4 of one item, and about 1/6 of the other, and that was all I ate. I wanted to taste them, but I really didn't want to gorge myself on them. One of them I found to be... not worth the calories for me. I hate to waste money but I think I may toss it. The other I believe I will cut into five more small pieces, and eat it that way - unless I get tired of it, and then I'll toss it. It's hard to do that - overcome the urge to cram it all in because it is there. I have been pleasantly surprised that in this particular case I've not felt like cramming it down the hatch. That is a pretty huge victory. I have a lot of activity lined up for this coming weekend, and I cannot wait! It feels really good to be active again.


Laura Carson said...

Stoopid blogger will NOT let me correct the paragraph breaks on this. I give up. Ouch, my eyes.


Sorry peeps.

Paula said...

Sadly, I did not even notice the paragraph breaks, or lack thereof. lol

Congrats on another great week! What do you mean "ok with it"? That's a very respectable loss. Even better was you showing those baked goods that they ain't got nuthin' on you! :D

Laura Carson said...

Oh. Eh... I see that I didn't express myself well on that. What, you guys cannot hear the internal dialogue in my head? LOL

I'm Ok with it in that I actually would have preferred a slightly smaller loss after such a big loss the week before... even out the score a bit. Trying to not lose too fast. :)

Paula said...

Ah, I see.

It probably wasn't you, but me. My reading comprehension ain't what it used to be. ;)