Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gaining Ground (and Losing Weight)

This week's weigh-in clocked 3.8 lbs DOWN, for a total of 11.8 pounds lost. I try to keep myself from losing that much in a week, but sometimes it just happens... particularly with all of the activity I did last week.

I don't really look like I've lost much of anything yet, but my britches are looser, and I feel SO much better. It is amazing how much better JUST ten pounds off has made me feel.

I'm still totally digging the Zumba. I even got a DVD so that I could do it at home when I feel like it. They've started a class literally a mile away from my house, and at a time I can make it, so I'm stoked about that! I've been driving about 15 miles each way to get to class (there are closer ones, but I can't get there in time after work).

So I'm stoked to be making progress, and above all feeling so much better.


Paula said...

WOWser! Congrats on a great weight loss this week! I know you said you don't try to lose that much, but I think it's awesome that you're seeing such good results. And more importantly, you feel better.

The rec center by my house has a free Zumba class on 3/31. I might check it out.

Jean said...

Well done, Laura! I wish I was having that much success - I keep ambushing myself and gaining back any pounds I lose .

I did go out and buy a used treadmill today - a cheap manual one - as my dogs are just too old for a brisk walk, and I hate walking dogless. I had great success with a treadmill once before, so maybe this time......