Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Less-Troublesome Tuesday

Woo-HOO for a good weigh in! This week I managed a loss of 2.8 (a typical loss for me), for a total loss of 3.0 lbs. I worked the program more this week, but I made some adjustments to my attitudes and thoughts. It feels SO good to finally be seeing a downward spike.

The cool thing is that this loss is in spite of some Valentine candy indiscretion. Woo-HOO! I didn't allow it to stress me out, or derail me.

I managed to get in a bunch of fruits and veggies each day, and now I'm close to getting all five servings in daily. I *really* like that under the new WW Points Plus TM system fruits are 0 pts, and most veggies are 0 or very low (this excludes potatoes). I'm consistently getting in 3 bottles of water (16.9 oz) daily, and don't know if I can manage much more than that. I used to try to get in four, and was SO miserable running to the bathroom every 45 minutes. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it.

Exercise. I gotz it. I've been taking Nick and Linc on nice, long trail hikes (pictured) and both they and I have been having a ball. The major problem is that at the moment there's not enough daylight before or after I get home from work to get a walk in. So I've been looking around, and have found a lovely little wooded trail about 15 mins from work. So today I have dogs with, and during my lunch hour we'll go take a hike. I'll only be able to get a 30 min hike in, but that's 30 minutes we wouldn't have gotten otherwise. My thought is that I can at least get all three of us in better shape if I make the effort.

My exercise goals for the week are:

1. One dog walk during the week, and one or two on the weekend (the weekend walks are usually 2-1/2 hours or so). Next week I'll aim for TWO walks during the week.

2. Go to Zumba class this week. I've never been, but my sister promises me that there are other fat girlz there, so I'm planning to go tomorrow. I'm a bit skeered. I hate trying new things like this. I might call my brother's girlfriend and see if she'll go too. I'll admit I often feel guilty doing things during the week because the dogs are crated so much now (I work 30 mins from home). But I'm going to sacrifice one night during the week.

Food goals:

1. Continue on my water and fruit trend.
2. Cook more - at least two nights this week.

Anyone else who cares to chime in is welcome to...

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Paula said...

Yay, you go, girl! Great job, keep up the good work.