Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So today was supposed to be my weigh in day. The fact that I wrote "supposed to be" is indeed a bad sign. This is me heaving a gigantic sigh. I weighed this morning, and the 2.5 lbs I had as a loss the last few days had vanished. Not only that, but I was actually UP freaking .8 from last week's weigh in. This just is not possible!

I protest.

I'm allowed to protest. It is my scale. In my house. If I'm going to strip to me skivvies to weigh I insist I maintain the power to protest.

I'm also constipated. Well I was this morning. I won't go into all of that though. In fact, I've probably already gone way too far, but too late to back it up now.

I'm going to weigh again tomorrow morning, and I promise that weight will go on the books, regardless of what it is. Girl Scout's Honor. I'm even holding up two fingers. Or three. I can't remember which it is. But seriously, tomorrow I will be back to post of my loss... or gain. It better not be a gain. Or else.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see your posting again. I enjoy your blogs. Have you hadyour thyroid checked? I had the same problem and fond out it was my thyroid. I joined weight watchers as well a week ago and have lost 9 lbs! Its harder for me to work out since I broke my leg but I'm getting there. Keep up the faith girl, at least you're trying!

Tonya Fouch

Laura Carson said...

Wow, Tonya, way to go!!!! Broke your leg? Ouch. No fun. Thank you for your kind words.

Unfortunately my stupid thyroid is fine (I KEEP asking them to check it, lol). It's my hand that seems to be broken... it keeps shoveling food in my mouth. LOL!

Jean said...

Ohhh Laura, I can commiserate with you - I have that broken hand problem too. And the yo yo one - I go down a pound or two when I relentlessly track and record and eat only the stuff I should, and as soon as I relent and eat the forbidden, the weight comes dashing back with all its cousins. Fat cells havin' a big party in there.....and they just don't wanna leave.