Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

FG#1 starting us off! So yet another weigh in day rolls around. I'm up this week - up 0.8. I've been indulging a bit over the last few days, so actually the damage is not as severe as I might have expected. I've been pleased with my ability to be somewhat mindful amidst the indulgence, but recognize just how easy it would be to let the mindfullness slip. So yay for only 0.8 - because yesterday I was up THREE pounds. That's right, three (3). Buh-bye water weight, right? That's usually the case with this type of thing - the water weight packs on, and then packs back off. Gotta make sure it keeps packing back off.

FG#2 here. Up 2 lbs. Sigh. But not unexpected. It seems to be the way of things this time around. One step forward, two steps back. But the trend overall is still downward. Just quit cramming food in your face, you moron!

#3 here. Well, i'm pretty frustrated right now. I've been faithfully following WW for 8 weeks now, logging everything in, and behaving myself really well - until a couple of days ago anyway, when the frustration finally got to me. Eight weeks and i'm basically where i started, having lost a grand total of half a pound. The last two weeks i've gotten gobs of Activity Points from working non-stop outside for two 3-day weekends, and still managed to watch the scale go up. So i've been pondering on all of this and why it seems when i first start a type of diet, it works great for me. I lost like 60 pounds on low carb before it stopped working for me, and about 20-25 on WW when i started doing it but it's just not working for me now and really hasn't over the last year when i've been on the plan - that's why i'd dropped it. I think what happens is that over time i get really good at getting "more bang for my buck" - i tweak and fiddle with the numbers until i'm getting the most i can out of them. It's part of my personality really, it's how i approach spending money too - don't mind spending it as long as i get the absolute most i possibly can out of every penny. Unfortunately, when it comes to dieting the only one it ends up costing is me. It's also a real pain in the neck to have to track every point much like i have to track every dollar in my budget as well! So, recognizing these things about myself, i'm going to try a new tactic, getting off WW but trying to still lose weight, with just healthy eating and getting some exercise. It's a good time to try it, with longer evenings (DST starts in less than 2 weeks, yay!) and warmer temps. I really need to approach eating differently and hope i can do it. I'm not dropping out of 3FGirlz, i plan to keep tracking weight and doing the weigh-ins. So we're still in it together but i'm going to try it a little differently for awhile.


Laura Carson said...

You don't have to be a WWer to be a 3FatGirlz. No worries there. :) I can imagine how frustrating the lack of progress must be. We are behind you!

Julie Poudrier said...

Ha! I thought you were going to say you don't have to be a WWer to be a fat girl! I haven't been doing WW at all this time--just trying to do what Robin's talking about doing now. It's pretty clear to me when I screw up, ahem, and I think a little nice weather would go a long way toward the motivation needed to up my activity levels....