Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Week Gone By

Well it seems that no one has managed to get on here and post this weigh-in day, so it's up to me (FG #2) to poke everyone and yell "Fess up!"

I actually have good news for once. I think. The scale had a precipitous drop this morning. So much so, that I re-weighed like four times trying to make sure that it wasn't just a scale glitch. And who knows, maybe by next week it will all seem like a fantasy. But for now, the scale was down 2.8 pounds from the last weigh in, which officially puts me back on the downhill side of losing, despite the ups and downs of the last few weeks. My total loss is now 6.2 pounds. Who knows what next week's weigh-in will bring? But for now, I plan to not look this gift horse in the mouth and instead assume that the scale isn't lying and that I did something right over the past week. Hmmm...I wonder if a serious lack of money and therefore a corresponding lack of food had anything to do with it? ;-)

FGs 1 & 3?

FG3 - not too bad here, another small drop, so 2 weeks in a row. I do seem to be doing better since i got off WW. I haven't lost a whole lot (about 3.5 pounds total) but i'm moving the right way. Eight weeks of WW got me about a .5 loss total and now 2 weeks off and i'm down another 3. So far so good.
Somebody called FG#1 a slacker?!?! I guess I am. Sorry! Maintaining again this week. This is good actually - I've not been the tracker queen, and I'm retaining water due to not drinking enough water, so all things considered I'm happy with that. It's on my list of things to do to get back to hard-core tracking in the next few days. Maybe even starting with today. My clothes are getting looser though, so even though the scale is MTN I'm obviously gaining ground here, and I'm pleased with that. Maybe next week I can post a loss again!

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