Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOOT Wednesday!

Hah, isn't it funny how the number on the scale can set the tone for the day? Today I was down 3.0 lbs, for a total of 38.6. I've finally come to realize that while that number isn't everything it *is* significant to me. It's silly for me to try to act like it doesn't matter. I'm trying to not let it affect how I feel about myself in general, but it sure is nice to see good numbers (ie downward).

I'm starting to think I need some actual Zumba clothes. I've been too big for them so far, but I tried on some of my sister's duds the other day and they were a little snug, but fit. Hers were a medium and they go up to XXL, so I should be able to find stuff that fits. Even if I have to shop in the mens britches. I went to Kohls hoping to find some decent workout duds... but no. Ugh. Not impressed.

I'm also to a point of desperately needing new work clothes. I'm down to about two pair of pants that barely fit. The good news is that I have jeans from where I am now (about a 14 misses) to about a 6 misses. So at least I won't have to buy any new jeans!




Paula said...

Awesome! Congrats.

Laura Carson said...

Thanks, Paula! Happy to be getting to a place where I feel so much better, and don't (as much) hate looking in the mirror. :) Hope things are going well for you too.