Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today's weigh in was a whopping four pound loss. Total lost: 22 lbs. I am almost to my 10%, too - another pound and a half to go!

I am pleased that I managed to deal with last week's frustration and urges, and managed to survive without the binge I was craving. It was a close one, and I really felt like it would have been a sort of tide-turning thing had I given in. There are some times that I can take liberties and keep on trucking, and then there are times that I know I'll take a departure from the plan as a permission to go out of control... and then it takes a very long time to rein it back in. So that's a huge victory!

One thing I am starting to figure out is that these weigh ins more or less will all come out in the wash, eventually. So I was up one pound last week, which was up two pounds from two or three days prior to weigh in. So then I was down four pounds this week - which includes last week's two pounds, and two more for this week. Essentially it all came out in the wash anyway.

They tell you this, you know, at the WW meetings. To look at your overall trend, I mean. Easier said than done, I can tell you. I've found a place where I'm not as obsessed over the number on the scale, but I'd be fooling myself if I didn't say that come weigh in day it matters. It may not be everything. It may not be my main focus, but it matters.

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Paula said...

You got this, girl. ;)